How to Use Quick Fix Plus to Get The Best Results

You’ve got your screening date, and you’ve got your fake sample. Now, what do you do? My advice to you is to practice how you’re going to walk around with that thing on your body.

The last thing you want is for it to slip down your pants or to walk around with a visible bulge. No one’s going to let you into the bathroom with a huge wad in your pants.

Once you’ve got that part down, you’ll just need to get it ready the day you’re going to use it.

Before your piss test, you’ll need to heat it to the right temperature. I heard about some dude that handed in his sample at room temperature and got busted right away.

Don’t be like that guy!

When real urine is released from your body, it’ll be anywhere between 90 to 100 degrees F by the time they test its temperature. You’ll want to get it as close to 96 degrees F as possible.

If you’re using QuickFix Plus, it’ll be super easy because it already comes in a microwave-safe bottle with a flip top, a convenient temperature strip already on it, and a handy little warmer to keep it at the right temp.

We have created instructions below.

So, when you’re ready to go, follow these steps:

  • Step 1: Stick it in the microwave, checking every 10 seconds until it has reached the right temp.

    Step 2: Attach the heat pack to the container. This handy little heat pack is small enough to fit on the bottle and will keep your sample at the right temp for up to 8 hours!
    That makes it so you don’t have to sweat it if you’re stuck in the waiting room for a long time.

    Step 3: Go to your appointment. Before you pour the contents out into the sample cup they give you, shake the bottle a bit to create little bubbles, which will make it look more like real piss.

    Step 4: Get hired and keep rockin’ on!


The whole process is pretty simple and stress-free, but only if you have the right stuff.

If the stuff you get is high-quality and comes with all the things you already need, then you’re pretty much done thinking about it.

But don’t just scour the internet for the cheapest deal because you could end up getting ripped off, or worse you’ll lose out on that job and have to do the walk of shame.

If you want to get the best deal, just use the link below.